And Then There Was One…

On Monday, I will have my final cancer treatment.  I will ring the bell.  I will be declared “cancer free” and named a “survivor”.  I am writing these words, and I just can’t believe that they are true.  It seems impossible that I have completed 2 major surgeries and 32 rounds of radiation.  I haven’t fully accepted having cancer – let alone treating it.

Maybe you have been through something that seems completely foreign to you.  This entire experience has been a bit like traveling in a world that I did not ask to visit.

I thought that the greatest shock to the system I would ever experience was moving from California to Georgia.

One thing that I know for sure – when it comes to shocking events – of which I am becoming a bit of an expert – the experience is meant to be SHARED.  At first, you want to hear the story of every person who might shine hope like a beacon onto your new vista.  Quickly, you are happy for pin light stories that poke any hole in the scary dark.  As you traverse your new surroundings, the journey will be unique to you – but you will be so, SO grateful to know that others walked the streets of this alternate universe.

So here I am, at the onset of a brand new page of my story.  Survivor.  Before Monday comes and I ring that bell (and do the wicked ugly cry – which I know is coming), I want to thank everyone who has been a part of my journey.  From total strangers who shared their stories and their light. To my husband who made me an egg sandwich every morning for weeks and changed bandages…and washed sheets and remade beds…and made me feel that I am still 100% who he married…he is my hero – no lie.  To my children, who gave me everything I needed and loved me like I love them (which is beyond…beyond).  To my friends who loved me as only true friends can.

My heart is spilling over like a fire hydrant on a hot summer day.  I feel us all playing in there like beautiful children.

Thank you.

The best is yet to come.





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