I am a teacher.  In the time that I have been a teacher, I have gone from monitoring earthquake drills (California), tornado drills (Georgia), to lock down drills.  I have huddled in the dark corner of a locked classroom, with students who were genuinely terrified by the THOUGHT of an intruder.  We conducted this drill days after the Sandy Hook tragedy.  It was horrifying.

Today, students are walking out of classrooms across America for 17 minutes.  17 minutes representing the 17 lives lost one month ago today in yet another school shooting.

I have heard a lot of negative commentary about this action plan.  Mostly from the same people who are equally negative about kids today.  They say that kids are entitled, disengaged, self centered, disorganized, unwilling to step up, etc.

Well, today, these kids are united, organized, engaged, and participating fully in their right to protest peacefully.  They are afraid.  They have seen their peers murdered.  They are unwilling to wait for the adults to figure it out.  They are WARRIORS on behalf of a RIGHTEOUS cause.  They are AMERICANS in pursuit of protecting LIFE and LIBERTY.  They are children stepping in where adults have dropped the ball.

All of the arguments which imply that this is yet another act of entitled youth are simply red herrings.  They are not interested in limiting anyone’s rights.  They are interested in preserving LIFE.

I have never been as proud to be a teacher as I am today.